Sigma has developed the innovative process of thermoplastic composite braiding. It is an advanced composite technology that allows for the manufacture of structural composite products in high volume and in a wide variety of product groups and end markets. It combines a thermoplastic with a composite material such as carbon, glass, aramids or hybrids of these materials. Because all the fibres within a braided structure are continuous and mechanically locked, braid has a natural mechanism that evenly distributes load throughout the structure. This means that braid is the stronger, tougher, more flexible alternative to woven composites.


  • Lightweight metal replacement technology with high performance capability

  • High automation and efficiency resulting in low labour costs and highly repeatable processes

  • Low or high volume capability – capacity to braid up to 50mm per second; the equivalent to 1 mile per day.

  • Processing takes minutes rather than hours; our advances in technology and processes take composites into the 100,000 parts per year volume capability.

  • The parts can be shaped after lay-up which significantly reduces the need for expensive bespoke tooling.

  • Structures can be ‘tuned’ to individual needs – utilising triaxial braiding methods where required.

  • We can braid, design, engineer and incorporate metallic fittings into the product (as required)

  • You can weld, bolt and join in ways that are not possible with a thermoset composite

  • Crash performance – progressive failure mode

  • Significant reduction in waste – you only braid what you require

  • Inherently recyclable – very good for end life issues


  • Pressurised pipe systems including end fittings – high pressure and temperature capability

  • Torque shafts including end fittings – including ‘SMART’ sensor embedded technology

  • Structural tubes, beams, structural members – engineered to specific customer requirements

  • Rotor sleeves – for advanced high speed and high energy applications

  • Pressure vessels – very high strength material providing superior burst performance and reduced production time

  • A variety of profiles and shapes are possible, with the braided product being designed to meet the customer’s specific needs


Structural composites for industries including:

  • Aerospace

  • Automotive

  • Rail

  • Motorsport

  • Energy

  • Industrial

  • Civil Engineering