Sigma Composites Launches Emergency Rescue Platform

8 May 2013 Published by

Emergency services and disaster recovery teams will be able to reach people in need and carry them to safety more easily thanks to a new product developed by Sigma Composites.

The team has developed a lightweight, highly-portable assembly that can be used as a ladder and a gap crossing, as well as a stretcher if required.

Named the Emergency Rescue Platform’ (ERP), the assembly is made from a combination of carbon fibre and Kevlar, with each module measuring 390mm x 875mm x 75mm and weighing just over 3kg. The modules can be quickly and easily joined together to create ladders extending to 4.5m and capable of carrying up to 500kg; bridges spanning hazards up to 3m with a safe working load of 320kg; and even rapid evacuation stretchers.

Graham Sprowell, Technical Business Development Manager at Sigma Composites, said: “Taking less than two minutes to assemble, the ERP is suitable for use in all weather conditions, requires no general maintenance and can be used in all environments; from urban landscapes and scenes of accidents, to woodland, mountainous and desert terrain.

“We are currently trialling it with a number of emergency and disaster recovery organisations, and the results so far have been incredibly positive. We’re really excited by its potential.”

A military version of the ERP is also available and known as the Military DCC OCC. For further information, contact Sigma Composites Ltd. on +44 (0)1280 824498 or visit