Second Sigma business signs up to Sharing in Growth

26 Apr 2014 Published by

Farnborough-based aerospace manufacturer Sigma Components has signed a contract with Sharing in Growth for a business support programme valued at £1.2m over the next five years.

The site is the second business within Avingtrans PLC’s aerospace division to sign up to the scheme, which will see it benefitting from an intense programme of business improvement initiatives designed to accelerate growth and maintain global competitiveness.

John Porter, General Manager at Sigma Components in Farnborough, said: “We’re excited by the potential to identify areas for improvement and drive growth presented by the Sharing in Growth programme.

“During the initial stage of the programme, we will undertake a full diagnostic audit of our operations to identify key strengths and weaknesses before identifying areas of most growth potential for our business and put a plan in place to make sure we invest in the skills and infrastructure we need to make the most of these opportunities.

“The programme will run for between four and five years, helping us secure our position as a key part of the UK’s supply chain in the global aerospace market and create even more high-value manufacturing jobs at the site.”

“At Sigma Farnborough we manufacture high quality aerospace tubes, ducting and fabricated assemblies employing highly skilled engineers. With expected growth in our business sector, we must prepare ourselves for the future and ensure we maintain our position in global markets, sharing in growth is our route to this objective.”

Over 3,000 UK companies employ over 230,000 people serving the world’s aerospace industry, with that figure expected to double over the next ten years.

The Sharing in Growth Programme is designed to help the UK continue to be a leading contributor to that market and make UK companies the most competitive in the world.

Over £1m of Regional Growth Funding will be matched by Sigma’s own expenses as the programme unfolds to improve skills, develop people, increase efficiency, reduce lead-times and remove working capital.


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