Great news from the guys at Sigma Farnborough £25m Safran Aircelle Contract

13 Feb 2013 Published by

Safran Aircelle is an exciting client of the PFW Farnborough business that Avingtrans acquired in December 2012. The contract, which is valued at circa £25m of revenue to Avingtrans over its duration of 10 years, includes the existing scope of the commercial agreeemnt between the two companies and is to supply various fabricated assemblies.

Mark Johnson, Managing Director of the Aerospace Division, commented:-

‘we are very pleased to announce this LTA with Safran Aircelle which is a result of the ongoing integration of the Farnborough business and which continues the impressive momentum that we have been building in the Aerospace Division. Along with the LTA that we signed with Rolls Royce in December of last year, we are building a good visibility of long term revenue which is an excellent base from which we can continue to grow the business.’