Vince Cable visits Sigma Components

Business Secretary Vince Cable praises the Sigma spirit

1 Aug 2014 Published by

Business Secretary Vince Cable has praised the inventive spirit of Sigma’s engineers, during a visit to its Hinckley facility this week.

Dr Cable learned how Sigma is making an impact in the global market, with revolutionary innovations including lightweight pipes and fittings for aero-engines.

Weighing the difference between the traditional pipe and the new COMPipe in his hands, Dr Cable noted that the new pipe was “practically weightless” in comparison, and he was shown how the new technology, developed in Britain as part of the €1.8m Clean Sky programme, could dramatically reduce the weight and carbon emissions of airplanes in the future.

As he toured the 40,000 square foot facility, he met many of the 177 employees based at the Hinckley site, as well as video-conferencing live with Sigma’s workforce in China. He witnessed the skills and expertise of the company’s fabricators, developers and engineers as they demonstrated the techniques used in the manufacture of aerospace pipes ducts and fabricated assemblies, specialist aerospace fasteners and composite components.

Managing director Mark Johnson commented: “I’m thrilled that the Business Secretary was impressed by the spirit shown by our team – this is a tribute to everyone’s hard work and our shared vision for the future. As we build our product portfolio by investing in our facilities and workforce, we’re proving that British manufacturing is still capable of leading and transforming the global industry.”

Business Secretary Vince Cable said: “Manufacturing firms like Sigma can help provide the balanced economic recovery the country needs. That is why we are working in partnership with business through our industrial strategy and putting £2 billion into aerospace research and technology. This investment will ensure that Britain develops the efficient and environmentally friendly aircraft of the future, while keeping highly-skilled manufacturing jobs here in Britain.”

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