Acquisition of PFW Farnborough

3 Dec 2012 Published by

Avingtrans plc aquired the assets and operational activities of PFW UK’s Farnborough site on 3rd December 2012.

The principal activity of the PFW Farnborough business is the manufacture of a wide range of precision aerospace components, from pipes and ducts to airframe structures. This capability strongly complements and broadens the existing business in Sigma, particularly in aerospace airframe applications.

Avingtrans CEO, Steve McQuillan, commented:

“The recent sale of Jena Tec provided us with a more focused business and the means to invest in our core activities, including in our thriving Aerospace division. This acquisition will further strengthen our position in the aerospace pipes market, making us a leading player in this niche in the UK. We will develop the PFW Farnborough capabilities to broaden our product offering and thus expand our aerospace supply footprint”.